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by Diego Valadares Vasconcelos Neto last modified 2008-07-12 22:31

The International Law Study Group from the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (GEDI-FDUFMG) is a society that aims at the academic education of students in the field of International Law.


            In 2001, the desire of some students in studying in a systematic and deep method International Law resulted in the creation of the GEDI. Thru this systematic, periodically and outside classroom study, the students improved their conceptions in the subject matter as also their scientific research, publication and representation in Congresses and other events. 

           With the supervision of the Prof. Roberto Luis Silva, the group is recognized in several parts of Brazil and also in other countries, since, nowadays, several former members of the groups work in recognized offices, international organizations – U.N. (United Nations), WTO (World trade Organization), OEA, the International Monetary Found etc – and in several non-governmental organization, which work together with governments and others. The Group is a Chapter of the International Law Students Association, with which it shares common goals, such as: insertion of the individual as a subject of International rights; citizenship promotion; environmental preservation; and other objectives which will improve the understanding and make possible the development of International Law.

           GEDI also promotes field projects which have as primary objective to make that knowledge on international instruments acquired transcend the limits of the academy, and act as to foster the promotion of the Right to Development on the local level.